Mixrite Pre-calver


Mixrite Pre-calver

Recommended for both dairy/suckler cows and in-calf heifers. Mixrite Pre-calver is ideal for feeding at grass, and can buffer a diet where grass is limited. It can also support high forage diets fed to dry cows/ heifers, giving the calf a head start before it is born.

Product Description

  • 15% protected Copper and 5% protected Zinc
  • Prepare for calving with Mixrite Precalver
Copper 2730 mg/kg
Cobalt 80 mg/kg
Iodine 500 mg/kg
Zinc 5675 mg/kg
Selenium 48 mg/kg
Manganese 1000 mg/kg
Hydroxy Copper 330 mg/kg
Hydroxy Zinc 175 mg/kg


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