Mixrite Sweet Mag


Mixrite Sweet Mag

High levels of magnesium provided in a palatable form to ensure intakes. Ideal for use when forage sources are low (e.g. spring and autumn) to maintain dietary levels and help prevent grass staggers in dairy and suckler cows and in ewes. Mixrite Sweet Mag also contains 5% zinc to optimise immune system.

Product Description

  • 5% protected Zinc
  • Protect your Cattle and Sheep from grass¬†tetany with Mixrite Sweet Mag
  • Contains 15% Magnesium
Copper – mg/kg
Cobalt 80 mg/kg
Iodine 200 mg/kg
Zinc 3675 mg/kg
Selenium 35 mg/kg
Manganese 2500 mg/kg
Hydroxy Copper 330 mg/kg
Hydroxy Zinc 175 mg/kg


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